California Dream (2nd grow ever) - Grobo vs Tent (harvested)

Day 119: :tent: vs :groboone: (update)

  • tent grow had more and more branches bending over :tanabata_tree:…a tent scrog was added to support the top heavy branches…water changes :droplet: in bucket will not be as easy anymore…

  • upgraded MarsTs600 lights :flashlight: to a Spider Farmer SF2000 :sunglasses: yesterday. Love Mars but the this light was a good fit for this sized tent (20"x36")…plan to do two (2) bubble boy buckets :wastebasket: in this tent on my next grow…sold my 16"x16" tent and Mars light to a good friend for a hundo

  • reduce tent nutrients based off of nutrient recommendations and anticipation of flush while waiting 4 amber :brown_heart: . Consider using something like flawless finish during flush period…

  • Grobo :groboone: buds :green_heart: appear to better off than my previous grow. 1st grow had 10 main colas and a lot of side pieces. This one has 8 main colas and a few extra side branches. I will focus :face_with_monocle: on 6 main colas for my next grobo grow

  • AG feedback is always appreciated


Where did you get that black machine behind your Grobo?



It’s a filtration Mod I got off
Works a treat too :wink:!:+1:!

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Day 133: :tent: vs :groboone: (update)

  • :tent: traces of amber :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart:

  • hoping to take her down this upcoming weekend :smiley:

  • :groboone: grobo is coming along :slightly_smiling_face: with a couple of weeks remaining until amber

  • enjoyed a nice day out to appreciate a vegetable garden just outside the city limits (@chicago botanical garden)

#grow your own :laughing: :heart:


garden looks great!! Love it…

I know this is late now next tent grow I would 100% add Carbs (Sugars) to the mix Example is Bud Candy by advanced nutrients


thank you @Mpower11 your grows and garden have been enjoyable to follow.

when is it suggested to add “sugars”? i’ll give it a try on my next tent grow



I normally use Carbs week 1 to 6 of flower. It really brings out the Flavor of the buds.


HAPPY to have completed and HARVESTED my 1st tent grow and my 2nd grobo grow!! :star_struck:

thank you AG community for all your help throughout via readings, posts, comments, etc



  • Day 156 (harvest)


  • dry trimmed :scissors: this time

  • hope to improve personal CURING process this time around too :slight_smile:

  • final weight :balance_scale: to come …


You need some help curing? It’s so important… What is your current plan or do you have it under control?


Congrats on your grobo and tent harvest :slight_smile :grinning:


thanks @Aang !!! :blush:


i’m always looking for grow help :slight_smile:

this is my current 8 week :spiral_calendar: game plan based on modified curing info obtained from AG (thanks @Vicc, @Mpower11, etc):

  • week 1: slow dry with a dry trim after 5 days or so, pending humidity. trim up buds and remove large stems. place in quart mason jars about 3/4 full with a mini-hygrometer and a target RH @ 62%-70%.

  • week 2: burb jars 2x per day to lower RH to 62%. remove most remaining stems and clean up any sweet leaves hidden between buds. goal is to keep RH at 62% without boveda packs.

  • week 3-6: vacuum seal with hygrometer and 62% boveda packs. unseal and break up buds 2x per week in order to get some oxygen circulation between the buds.

  • week 7-8: cure in mason jar with 62% boveda packs and burp 1x per week. let the “packed in” buds air out and expand during this time

I used the vacuumed sealed method for the tent’s harvest but I think I will cure the traditional way for the grobo’s harvest. the grobo grow had some larger buds that I don’t want to “compress”. the vacuum seal methods does “compress” airy buds together to form some nice solid nugs.



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Plan sounds good overall… Sounds like you have a good handle on it. I’m old school I don’t vacuum seal by buds what I would all as a option in your week 7-8 chat I would add oxygen absorbers with the boveda packs… You remove the oxygen from the jar like vac seal without “compress” the buds

Big factor on dry also is can you control climate in your dry room? This helps a lot


Congrats on your harvest!

That sounds like a good plan. Drying may take a bit longer imo, mines took 10 days to dry under 62-65% rh. I gauged the buds by the snap of the stems, 70% of the stems should snap before I trim them.


thank you for the feedback and advice!!! :smile:

i had a humidifier on inside my tent while drying to attempt to keep the RH up above 55%. i was looking to dry as slow as possible but thought it was strange that I was adding water to the tent while wanting to remove water from the buds :crazy_face:


much appreciated as i’m still charged up about being able to grow my own high quality reefer :smiley:

condo’s temps stay at a controlled cool all year long but the humidity inside can get low which was causing a quicker dry than desired…turned on the humidifier inside the tent to attempt to slow down the dry more…i’ll do better next time in controlling the dry room temps :thermometer: thanks again for your feedback and your posts


FINAL Weight :balance_scale: (TENT :tent: vs GROBO :groboone:)

  • trimmed buds were curing for several weeks prior to final weigh in

  • shake consists of airy larfy buds and ground up sweet leaves

  • TENT = buds (97g) shake (55g)

  • GROBO = buds (30g) shake (11g)

TOTAL = premium buds (127g) shake (66g)

Happy with the results in having 193 grams of California Dream for smoke :dash: :fire:

The tent grow was a simple set up with minimal maintenance. I like the easy access to the plant and to have climate controls inside the tent. The plant always looked strong and healthy with good color. I was trying to give this young plant away to a friend early on but decided to try out a tent grow instead…so so glad that I kept her :slight_smile:

The grobo produced less than my 1st grow however the buds look much firmer and denser due to better trimming and less main colas. Grobo has been a fantastic growing journey for me as I would have never considered growing without their support

Thank You (again) :pray:t4: AG and Grobo team for helping me directly and indirectly on successfully completing my 2nd grow!

…3rd grow has started with three young OG Skywalkers in the works…


Congratulations on your harvest looks nice :+1:


thank you! much appreciated and thanks for all @Mpower11 :+1:t4: