California Dream (2nd grow ever) - Grobo vs Tent (harvested)

I was being serious! It’s done very often to fit the needs of cramped or curved grow spaces! I guess you’d have to have the DIY abilities to think outside the box, pun intended! :eyes::seedling:


NEver said anything about cutting a tent in half!
And since there are many wayz to do things, what we can try or dream up is always at the discretion of the person experimenting!
True I said it light heartedly but its not the end of the world to try new things!
Lots of people on this forum have constructed grow rooms with pieces of tent or other materials!
Dont call me a fool because you lack the ability!
Not like the tent was even 2 x 4 so raising the roof can be done!
If you had a comment a fix even an idea or disagree I can understand but showing disdain for me is not the answer!


Dont be ashamed just stop being so negative! :eyes::seedling:

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Thanks Gmann!!! appreciate the positive feedback :v:t4:

i considered connecting the Grobo to the tent’s fan/filter with a 4" wye duct as the 190 cfm inline fan should be plenty to pull air out of these two “boxes

however I have not had any concerns with Grobo smell from my 1st grow…just as long as I keep the door closed (which is hard to do as I like to look in a lot) :laughing:


No worries dude :wink:
Great Minds n All That​:bulb:!:wink:!
Good to know regarding grobo filtration though & I Totally get ya :fist_right:!:flushed:!:rofl:!

Bulbs blown :rofl:!!

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thanks for the scrog feeback!

I always like "outside the box" :laughing: thinking…haha

my DIY skills can only go UPWARDS after my 1st attempted DIY money towel grow tent :money_mouth_face: lol

after investigating (while non medicated), a modified “drop top” tent would not be too hard to create IF really really really needed to salvage a grow that’s in late flowering :sunflower: stage…finding taller interior tent posts for the tent would not be difficult and reflective mylar is relatively inexpensive

if it came down to it with ALL alternate options exhausted, harvesting a couple of ounces ($500+) would make it worth wild to modify a tent ($50) … then buy another tent… :man_shrugging:t4: :slight_smile:

always appreciated your posts as your info has indirectly help me a lot during my 1st successful grobo grow :v:t4:


Good luck on your tent and grobo grow! Gonna be fun to watch :slight_smile:


thank you Aang! :slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:t4:

attempting to step up my growing game has been enjoyable :slight_smile:


I knew you had some DIY in you!!!
Love the money towel!!! :eyes::seedling:


For the smell i recommend using Ona… it completely remove the smell (and stopped my wife for complaining)


Day 56 (update): so far so good? :crossed_fingers:t4:

  • Grobo :groboone: grow seems to be doing :ok:… patiently waiting for this INDICA dominate strain to reach more of the 2nd fan prior to shifting the light schedule to 12/12

  • Tent :tent: grow appears to be healthy and strong. Switched light :sunglasses: schedule to 12/12 already in fear of future headroom issues in this small tent.

  • space bucket’s :wastebasket: only maintenance consists of weekly 3 gallons distilled water :droplet: changes with hydroguard, calmag, flora nutrients and then pH’d to 6.0…so far the general hydroponics flora nutrients and overall tent maintenance have been pretty easy to manage :grinning:

  • Any RECOMMENDATIONS for “flowering:sunflower: nutrients use in the tent bucket grow is appreciated?

  • Any feedback is welcomed too :+1:t4:


Looks great growmie! Just don’t overthink it and you’ll be fine. Up the p/k according to your dosage and don’t try and overdo it because you’ll shock her. Keep up the great work!


thank you @OrionsCeiling!!! :slight_smile: …sticking to the recommended dosage of the general hydroponic nutrients for now as i’m not sure about how to up p/k (phosphorus and potassium)

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Yeah that’s the move keep it up!


Day 77: coming along well (i think) :slight_smile:

  • the leaves :leafy_green: in the TENT :tent: appear a lot “greener” and healthier :hospital: compared to ones in the Grobo :groboone:…the tent’s stems :tanabata_tree: are much thicker too

  • worried about TENT “head room:straight_ruler: …might need to Amazon a taller tent soon… i’m limited with space in my condo :slight_smile:

  • white hairs :older_adult: are coming along in TENT …

  • Grobo grow is coming along with hopes for more of a stretch :chart_with_upwards_trend: …cleaned and calibrated pH probe before start of grow and before the start of transition

  • any AG FEEDBACK is welcomed :slight_smile:


You could definitely defoliate them both up to the top 8-10” of growth! Removing small branches and bud sites, In this way you will help the plant concentrate on bud growth :slight_smile:

I’m always recommending defoliation!


:+1:t4: thanks for the advice @OrionsCeiling!!!

i’ll get on the defo as I like to try to get some fatter buds this time around :slight_smile:


Day 104: :tent: vs :groboone: (update)

  • upgraded my 16"x16"x48" tent to a Vivosun 20"x36"x63" tent as I ran out of head room :straight_ruler:

  • tent grow is much larger in comparison…

  • two or three branches :tanabata_tree:fell over” in the tent due to top heavy weight during the weekly water change…tied them up “straight”…guess a good problem to have :question:

  • enjoy the tent accessibility for plant maintenance compared to the grobo…so far i love the results and cost of the mars ts 600w (100w actual) :sunny:…was considering upgrading (later down the road) to either a Mars TS 2000w or a Spider Farmer SF 2000 ?

  • any feedback is appreciated as i’m always learning along the way :slightly_smiling_face:


Lookin good, I do have one question though.

Based on your leave and bud structures, I ask, is a light in the room that your Grobo is in? If so, I would recommend turning it off. The front glass of the Grobo Premium does not block light completely, so any light in the room will penetrate the Grobo, causing issues with your plant’s maturation.

With that said, I hope it I helped!



Brilliant comparison bud :clap:

Different Strokes n all that :wink:!

I’m somewhat disabled so with everything taken into consideration & effort needed I’d go grobo every time me finks :thinking:!!..

After the Learning Curve :flushed:!:roll_eyes:!:wink:!

& grobo & alike are really biting at there guide ropes :metal:!:rofl:!..