Buying nutrients in bulk

Definitely a neat idea and something we’ve talked about. So far, our big concern is that the roots could get tangled and rip which would be rough on the plant.

Keep the ideas coming though, we love hearing them!


Yes that was my thought afterwards with the roots growing and could get tangled…but glad for the quick response back…the team seems amazing at what you guys do for Grobo


you could make 2 more smaller access doors to the left and right of the unit


i have a question. every time i get nutrients from you guys i end up paying duty fees. I dont like that i thought you guys were a Canadian company.


Their warehouse where everything ships from is in Detroit, I think.

they should fix that.

@Pete What, move it back to Canada?

Yes, please implement some sort of bulk discounts for now.
I guess an Amazon store with free Prime shipping would be out of the question?

Hell ya. If you gonna claim your Canadian then… I’m getting a little annoyed paying the duty fee. U gonna continue to sent from states grobo should pay the fee.

If they don’t fix this then I’m likely to experiment with other nutrients. Plus I won’t recommend the product.

They actually advertise themselves as a Canadian and American company.

It’d be cool if the 15-packs of coco pods were on the grobo store, though I’m worried about duty now too. When ordering a replacement fan it also came with the surprise surcharge.

Anyone found a way to get those park seed biodome sponges (cocopod equivalent) in Canada?

Hey @Pete,

Can you please reach out to our support team by emailing You do not have to pay duties, Grobo does. We do have a fulfilment centre in Canada, I imagine we ran out of something and it was filled from our US facility in PA. (Units come from MI, consumables from PA)

We can refund you the duties or offer a credit to our store.



Just keeping this going because I would love to use jugs to refill rather than throwing out so much plastic.


@BeeDubya @Stephen @GroboJulia @stacey.grobo @Dani @bjorn

Yeah… Been Wondering If There Are Any Updates… I Need To Re-Order And Would LOVE Larger Bottles… 3, 4, And 5.


Cool, didn’t know about this website. Thanks


@FireGuy Thats Dope… Thank You!!!
Are They Affiliated? Or?:thinking::thinking:

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@KleanRipz - No larger bottles at this point. This is an idea in our pipeline but not something we are currently working on.

Yup, RightBud is a retailer that sells Grobo products. Their 4-pack is the same cost as buying 4 bottles individually.

Happy growing!


Please add it it to the pipeline. I think that is how you can help retain more experienced growers.