Buying nutrients in bulk

One sharp cookie we have in @Azuri for surez! Our nutes don’t like to be frozen. If you do find some that have been out in the cold too long, you can thaw them out and use them as long as you don’t see any sediment forming in the bottom.



Lol that should be a strain…sharp cookies :scream::exploding_head::seedling:


Was there ever anymore discussion about selling the nutrients in bulk?


Not to my knowledge @Stephen might be able to shed some light though :+1::v:


Hey @Gatorsfn28,

We like the idea and have started exploring implementation, but to be honest, there are bigger fish being fried at the moment. In other words, it’s on the list, but the list is long. :wink:

Love the feedback, keep it coming!



Lucky. I wish I could afford more than one grobo.


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Good Morning Stephen,

Was hopeful you could share some updates with regards to larger nutrient volumes being offered? If no plans for larger volumes, how about a subscription service?

Also, has Grobo looked at developing any type of “booster” type supplemental products to be used in combination with the Grobo nutrients? Would love to explore those avenues, if possible!



Hey @Rich,

Awesome questions as always.

Right now, we’re working on scaling up and outsourcing nutrient bottle production to move that to the US as well. We had briefly looked at bulk bottles before starting that process, but we won’t be able to check it out again until we have our supplier picked and up and running.

Would a discount on multiple grow kits of be something of interest?

What kind of boosters do you have in mind? I know Stephen’s talked about a few before but nothing we’re ready to launch yet.



Hi :wave: @bjorn!

No worries! I just wanted to hear where things stood and clearly it’s for good reason. Glad to hear about the continued success! Onwards and upwards! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Options on being able to purchase multiple nutrient kits for a discount would make the community plenty happy I’m sure!

Any opportunity for a Grobo sponsorship? :groboone: :sunglasses: that’s what I want to dive into! :movie_camera: :camera_flash: the works

As for the boosters I would say whatever you guys had the most success with during your testing. Did you find that one product increased anything for you vs another? Maybe it was identified that it wasn’t going to work within the Grobo environment? All hypothetical talking points for conversation at this time.

I’m sure there are bigger innovations that are on the horizon for Grobo and that’s the main focus! Anything exciting we can expect to see in the near future that you can share with us? Again, congratulations on the continued success!



Rich sums it up well.

Personally, I would like the option for discount, for bulk purchase, if it looks like we have no chance of bigger nute bottles.


Awesome, thanks @rich and @shadowcipher89!

Honestly our development has been slower than we’d like with this move to US manufacturing. We’re still another month or two away from that running smoothly, but more and more updates will begin to roll out as we have more time to focus on them.

All of this feedback is incredibly helpful and we really couldn’t do this without you all!

In short, nothing we can share yet but R&D is ramping up again so we’ll have more updates coming up. :crossed_fingers:


Just a thought and I just received my Grobo but have you guys ever thought about a rotating plate so you could easily see and monitor the whole plant from a 360 degree?


Definitely a neat idea and something we’ve talked about. So far, our big concern is that the roots could get tangled and rip which would be rough on the plant.

Keep the ideas coming though, we love hearing them!


Yes that was my thought afterwards with the roots growing and could get tangled…but glad for the quick response back…the team seems amazing at what you guys do for Grobo


you could make 2 more smaller access doors to the left and right of the unit


i have a question. every time i get nutrients from you guys i end up paying duty fees. I dont like that i thought you guys were a Canadian company.


Their warehouse where everything ships from is in Detroit, I think.

they should fix that.

@Pete What, move it back to Canada?