Bud App Journal

Hey New growers.

Full credit too @rainstorm3 for this find!

Until the Grobo app activates it’s ability for us to document our grows there’s a decent app to track your grow. You can do it publicly or privately and follow other growers grow, comment etc.

It has its limitations but works ok until Grobo supports something. App is only IOS I think, sorry Android.

Here’s a snapshot of my grow below at an earlier date in my grow. :point_down:


I find this app pretty limited but it at least let’s me make notes along the way.

I can’t wait until Grobo incorporates this feature in. I am one who need to compare grow by grow and see what worked and didn’t.
I know Grobo is automated, but still with topping and different strains and LST etc it’s nice to have a place where you can reflect on past grows.



I know on the Android side of things there is an app called “Jane” I’ve been impressed with. Hope that helps!



Good to hear support for Android! Ideally there is journal recording coming to the Grobo app not sure how in depth it will be. As @rainstorm3 mentioned the IOS one is pretty limited and I found it unforgiving for editing anything already posted.

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