Bruce Banner v2

So, my first attempt to grow Bruce ended with a seed split in half on day 10, which was my fault. I was peeking at it and was to forceful with the tweezers, apparently. I killed Bruce! I force ended the grow, and followed the instructions to attempt Bruce version 2. Today is day 6 and he is alive! I have not touched him this time! And, I won’t! Lesson learned. :slight_smile:


Congrats!! Don’t Hulk out on Bruce, lol!!


Day 7 of Bruce Banner v2 and we have leaves!


Hey, sorry that the tweezers were a little too much for your seed. I hope you know I wasn’t trying to set you up for failure.

I had used tweezers on my first grow to check the seed, and also with this current grow I have, as well as transplanting the germinated seed I had in paper towels into the soil… the key is obviously to be really careful ><

I guess it all ends up being slight impatience in the first place too on my end… glad this one worked out for you!


Bruce Banner v2 day 8 and first water change! I also marked the bottles with a sharpie. Bottle 3 did not budge (still full) but all the others have a bit. My Bruce is an autoflower so when it comes time to start trimming, I may need some guidance. It seems, from what I’m reading, that you don’t want to trim the autoflowers as much as you do the others because of the inability to recover from the stress? I’ve also been reading about other alternative fans and heat sources etc. that I do not have. What is recommended to “add on” to my Grobo so I can purchase them now (and from where?) before they are really needed? Thank you in advance!


Hey, lookin good!

One suggestion I am going to make, and others will back me up on this too, is that your pod is too low.

You will definitely need to move it up. I recommend a quarter inch above the line or half inch personally.

When my plant grew large enough and had the taproot down in the water, I moved mine up.

There are about 5 people right now suffering from Damping off, which is when the pod stays too wet and starts constricting airflow and eating away at the stem of the plant. The best way to avoid this is to move the pod up to avoid it getting too wet from the bottom, and add some fans to blow on it to dry it out.

Those are the fans I use and multiple others, but there are other options out there. You can run the cord out of the front bottom right of the Grobo door and the door will still close, or you can alternatively run them through the back hatch down behind the reservoir for a cleaner look. I highly recommend at least two of these fans (I use four of them) to help dry the pod out, give the plant some extra air flow, and to help later on when the plant is flowering.

As far as defoliation goes… you do have to be careful with autos. It’s best to start small and see how they respond. Too heavy of a defoliation at the wrong time could lead to a stunted plant. I would say you have atleast 3-4 weeks before you have to worry about defoliating anything. Autos will typically grow in a christmas tree manner because they aren’t topped. You CAN top an auto, but it’s very risky and I would suggest to not do it your first time around.

Another thing that is huge to help prevent root rot issues is a product called Hydroguard. I would personally recommend using this from start to finish of the grow. Whenever your water temperatures rise above 72F you are at risk of bad pathogens attacking the roots as it’s a breeding environment for them.

Looks like it’s on sale right now:

Might be a smaller bottle to look at too, not sure. I also use syringes to put the Hydroguard into the res. Once your plant gets bigger, it becomes harder and harder to lift the lid up to get down in there, so these really help a lot.

One thing you may way to purchase is a water temperature reader, and also a humidity and temp gauge for inside the Grobo to know exactly what temperatures you are running at. They are relatively cheap. These are what I use, but there are many options:

These help for keeping dust from flying in the back of the Grobo with your fans, optional but I have pets so it helps:

These are super super super handy to have atleast one pack of. Fans can be hung from them, and you can use them to support your branches or organize them against the walls. I did this on my first grow and ended up using a lot of them. I have three packs now.

There are other things that are handy to have for the Grobo, but these are some of the main ones… unfortunately it starts to add some money on, but it’s part of the game unfortunately.

I also have a humidifier for early in the plants life, and a dehumidifier for later in the plants life to help control my environment. Those can be a little more of an investment…


Also, a pH calibration solution 4.0 and 7.0 are recommended as well, because my Grobo’s pH pen had to be calibrated twice in two months… Didn’t pass the health check… but you will need these items on hand to do so.

On top of that, a back-up Air pump, and air stone are very common recommendations from users here as there has been failures with these items known to happen from time to time.

Plant ties (Green ties) are another pretty cheap but very useful item to have for your Grobo…

I had a problem with fungus gnats a bit so Sticky fly traps were something I ended up having to buy as well…

Lot of it is optional or as-needed basis, but sometimes better to be prepared.


Also, one more thing that I just thought of… I would think about getting extra Bottles #3, #4, and #5 sooner than later. 3 and 4 might not last an entire grow, same with 5. You won’t need them for another month or two, but keep that in mind!


Thank you so much! I moved the coco pod up so does this look better? And, I’m filling up my Amazon cart now!


Thank you! I’ll go ahead and order those now.


Looks pretty good. I really don’t wanna see another damping off issue happen with yet another person.

@Angiebaby @Todd.grobo @miami5th @FireGuy @SWSVIC all have had damping issues recently, including myself.

You guys all think his pod looks good now?


Yes that looks like a beautiful height to me! Off to a fantastic start @HappyHappyJoyJoy, keep it up! #teamnodampingoff


We unofficially all have become the #antidamping task force… :smiley:


Bruce is doing well on day 15! I added 2 cc’s of Hydroguard to my water during the change today. I also put a hygrometer in the Grobo and outside of it too. And I have two little fans ready to go, but I am not sure when to start using them.

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