Bruce Banner v2 (auto ILGM) day 106 total grow but day 36/37 flower of switched to generic auto recipe

Today was Bruce’s water change day! I had already looked at the trichomes with my loupe, and they are not as amber as I’d like them to be, so I’ve already extended the flowering phase for another week; it was day 36/37 of the flowering phase. Today is actually day 106 of the total grow, but day 36/44 of the flowering phase of the generic auto recipe I switched to 36 days ago from the photo period recipe for Bruce Banner I was using.

Everything looks good from what I can tell! I added 12 mL of Hydroguard. The roots look good.

I have some dried leaves here and there, but that’s because their little stems broke a little probably during trimming, so I pulled them off. I see little spots on the leaves but I’ve read that that’s normal at this phase.

My nutrients are moving as expected, and I mark them each time I do a water change. This is my second bottle for numbers 3, 4, and 5 for this grow.

I took some pictures on the 10x zoom on my iPhone, and I used my microscope camera to get pictures of the trichomes. I need to find some kind of articulating arm clamp that will hold the microscope camera steady, so I can get better pictures. I take a lot of pictures, but I can only keep a few of them because the rest of them are blurry. :slight_smile:


I bought a bottle of the flawless finish, but I’m not sure when I’m supposed to use it. Is it worth it at this point? Any suggestions are welcome! I’ll check on Bruce again during his next water change, and see when it’s time to go into flush. I’m waiting for him to be the majority amber and less milky white. :seedling::eyes::raised_hands::pray:t2:


Thanks for the tip with the recipe switch. Looks great. I did some lollipopping yesterday to the bottom 1/3 of mine and since I was on day 65 of the grow and never trimmed I fig I would put it into the transition phase when I switched recipes. I hope mine turns out looking as good as yours :pray:
Good job!


Flawless finish is usually used on your flush days to flush out your nutrients


@Babbyfuzz1 I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures as Bruce grows! :eyes::seedling::raised_hands:

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Thank you, @Time2grow! I’m not ready for flush yet but I will be soon! :raised_hands::seedling::eyes:


@Time2grow @HappyHappyJoyJoy

I put this personal humidifier inside today from a Amazon. Put it on pulse mode to try and bring my RH above 35%. Is this ok to use?
Thanks as I heard stories of people killing their Grobo by putting things on the backside.
Thanks :pray: in advance


@Babbyfuzz1 I took that little back panel off and through it I ran the cord for my air stone (I added one to the Grobo), the USB cord for my fan, and the power cord for the small space heater I had to use inside the Grobo to keep Bruce warm enough since my Grobo is in the garage. Everything appears to be running normally. Now…one of the lessons I have learned from reading everyone’s posts is to photograph everything inside the Grobo before you dissemble it to clean it after your grow. I am not mechanically inclined, so I will watch videos of others cleaning theirs and hopefully put everything back together correctly for my next grow. :slight_smile: Good luck with your Bruce! :seedling::raised_hands::eyes: