Boveda Packs

I’ve never used Boveda Packs… months ago I was going to buy some and just kept reading review after review of people saying it significantly reduced the smell and taste of their weed. Totally turned me away… but reading through this forum, and other growers forums, they almost seem to be a staple. So now I’m torn… this ever happen to anyone?


I find they influence the taste. They come standard now in recreational packaging here.

Getting the drying right is the hardest part. Humidity is really relative to where you live.


Do u think :thinking: it’s cuz of the access of leaves :maple_leaf: I had the same issue with my outdoor grow an this time around I took mostly all of the leaves an this royal :crown: gorilla :gorilla: was totally different from my other one :point_up:t4: :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I swear by them. I dont notice a taste difference if the rh of my bud starts at, or above the rh of the bud. The lower the rh of the bud when adding boveda packs, the more I notice the taste difference. But I would still rather smoke bud at a good rh with a slight taste difference than dried up bud. And for me it didn’t hurt the smell in any case. The smell and density also increase with the dry buds. I will add that I also burp my jars with boveda packs regularly even after they are cured. That may play a part also.


I guess I have enough weed around where I can safely test them out and not be too bummed if I don’t like them.

Which ones would you guys recommend? I normally keep anywhere between a quarter to a half ounce of a couple different strains at home. Also, which ones would be best to use in standard sized mason jars after harvest?


I used Boveda, given that its all I’ve used. The buds from my last grow were :fire: especially after 6 weeks of curing with those Boveda packs.

I believe most people here use 32oz jars, but I would just go with the 64oz if you are unsure (or get a few extra, it doesn’t hurt to have extra jars laying around). It has enough room to pack about 2oz in the 64oz jars.


I use them all the time and I don’t notice a taste difference…



  • (We Use These -But- Make Sure They Stay [Liquidy] Inside -Because- If They Dry Out That Means They Do Not Work Any Longer): (I’m Not A Master [:herb:] Queen -So- I Can’t Say [:+1: -Or- :-1:] On [:yum: -Or-:nose:]): {:wink:}:


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