Bottles levels

I did a fill today and I noticed bottle 5 stopped From feeding and bottle 1 and 2 started to feed a lil more is this part of the process but she looks healthy


Your plant had enough calmag/balance but needed to correct the waters ph levels.
1 = Basic Increase ph
2 = Acidic. Reduce ph
3 = Micro. Plant Hungry
4 = Macro. Buds Hungry
5 = Balance. Primes water


Thank you for this, @Bplatinum9! I wasn’t sure what each bottle did. :grin::pray:t2::grinning:


Anytime! Glad it helped! :eyes::seedling:


Also, if you wanna do some further reading in the future, you can access the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) also known as SDS these days to see what exactly is in the nutrient bottles and also the dangers/toxicity of each etc.

This gives a better insight to what sources of NPK the nutrients use to feed the plant, as well as where the Cal/Mag comes from. There’s also some Cal/Mag in the bottle #3/#4 as well as the #5 and these are all dosed together to make the overall mix.

I think this is why Grobo doesn’t use #5 when registering tap water, because there is already some Calcium in Bottle #3 and Magnesium in Bottle #4, and typically a higher level of these kinds of nutrients in tap water over distilled or RO.

Props to @Vicc for pointing out that which was in plain sight the entire time :slight_smile: