Best place to get good seeds? [TOPIC FOUND]

So I am trying my first grow with some seeds from ilgm but I have yet to start growing them due to waiting on my grobo to be delivered. I see some ppl say they ordered from different seed banks and got free seeds for ordering x amount. What seed banks do u guys think are worth visiting and which is more bang for my buck like discount or free merch type deals. I did receive 10$ off my next purchase thru ilgm but it would’ve been cool to get some free seeds on the side with order.


Good question :slight_smile:


Barneys Farm, 420 is good too. What I do, is usually think of a variety I might want to try, then search for who is the original or who has the best variant and things like that. I have a bunch of seeds and think I bought all of them from different sites, except 1.

I like to research myself as many times people say things and my experience is completely opposite.

This thread right here, all verified seed banks from us growers!


Thanks I did not see that post before. I wouldn’t have made a new 1 had I seen that. :flushed:

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