Beginning of operation

hello to all does the recharge come in beginning of filling water or after first drain in fill hope this ain’t a dumb question


First time yall hope to get a lil advice n some pointers


For your first grow I recommend just using Hydroguard and let your Grobo do the rest. I used recharge in my first water change and than the next day my plant was looking really sad, so I changed the water and just been adding Hydro guard with every water change ever since and my plant is looking nice and healthy!


Thx much nice looking plant there


So my grobo got unplugged bye accident I plugged back in right away n seems like it still continuing. lights are on everything seems normal does grobo automatically reconnect to internet and is it ok you think barely day 1 of germination


It’s fine, it typically automatically reconnects.


How do I no fashur if it connected?

How do I no fashur if its connected to the wifi

yea it’s off cause no bubbles or nothing?

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Should I quit grow I just litterly planted like 1hr ago than restart whole grow or?

Your power will still work when your wifi is out…
Submit a ticket to support and check your power outlet or surge protector.

This is how you tell if your wifi is working…

LED Indicator Light Glossary

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The LED light on the front of your Grobo shows the different states that your Grobo One is in. Below you can see what each colour and pattern means for your Grobo:

pink.png Pulsing Pink: Grobo One is booting up, your unit will be ready to start growing soon!

green.png Solid Green: Grobo One is ready to connect to the internet. Follow instructions on how to connect to WiFi.

light_blue.png Pulsing Light Blue: Grobo One is connected to the internet and running as it should be!

light_blue.png Fast Blinking Light Blue: Grobo One has lost connection to the internet. It should reconnect on it’s own in a few minutes. If not, unplug and plug the unit back in to get connected again!

yellow.png Pulsing Orange: Grobo One is growing your plant but it’s lost the internet connection. You’ll only be able to use the Grobo app when your Grobo One reconnects to WiFi.
Otherwise these all look pretty good.

blue.png Pulsing Blue: Grobo One is in a special mode Ex. Filling, draining, door unlocked

red.png Solid Red: Grobo One has a critical error - if this occurs for longer than a few minutes, try resetting your Grobo.

If that does not work, please contact our support team:

purple.png Blinking Purple: Grobo One is flashing new firmware. Firmware is like the brain of your Grobo. We will periodically push updates to your Grobo to better your growing experience, so you don’t need to worry about this one!


Something wrong with your outlet?
Try plugin your Grobo in a different socket.

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No it got unplugged was just working fine bubbles n all

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Did you try plugin it back up?

I’m going to unplug and plug back in now

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Wait a couple minutes before plugin back in…

it did the trick n I got a solid green.


Perfect, let me know if you have anymore trouble and your plant will be fine!

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Thx wood was I panicking :laughing: