Banner & Critical Purple Autoflower's grow

I just planted 9 Autoflower’s 6 CP and so far 3 Banner. The tails (Taproots) was only 1/4in I like half inch or more.
But I knew if I’d left them all on the plate. The bigger ones would filter. Or a good possibility. Gave them a little bit of distilled water and waiting now for them to start peeking out.
Wish me luck. I’ve had a lot of bad luck these last 2 grows. Hopefully I fixed it.
2 grows without paying bills and lacking supplies suck so I’m hoping for a good grow. So I can catch up…

Update 3 Banner popped out of 7. 3 have reached out too the lights and 4 out of 7 is poking out now. I exspect it will be full in 3days or less

Temp 80F / 81F day and 65F at night.
Humidity 60%

Better picture…
Lot of potential here in this room
Well it’s 5 Banner and 6 Critical Purple.
I’m expecting the last CP to pop up but the 6th Banner is a 50-50 chance of coming up.
I just wanty plants to be healthy and Yeld great. Trying to move out of the city just after my BBOG is done outside. 5ft 9in tall and a bush. A fat fucker. I’ll pot a picture tomorrow. I pulled all the purple rain…


My BBOG out back is fat with a hight of 5ft 9in it’s the same as me.Processing: 16290698080813350111496996107744.jpg…
My daughter just trimed it


I have seen setup like yours before the only thing I see different is a lot of people put reflexive plastic on the walls and floor to help bounce the light around


It’s for growrooms called Panda :panda_face: one side black other side white. The white is supposed to be better than foil. They say the light bounces around cuz the foil wrinkles so much that it doesn’t get a good bounce back to the plant the white does but I hate building the damn rooms they suck I’m going to go with my tents from now on if I move from here as long as I’m here I will use my panda room but I will never build another one even though I got 50 ft by 11:00 Panda left I bought a hundred foot roll but yeah there is four girl rooms gardens whatever any kind of garden


My original plan for the make over was to paint the floor and I will be in 3 months. Ran out of time. Trying to get a bigger house with land and well water. And sucluded. For 2 reasons a vegetable and Herb garden. And to be ready if this country goes to war with a civil war.