Back for a second go around!

Hey all, hope everyone is well! Took a bit in between my first ever and now my second grow but the second go around is still as fun as the first was! Wound up at approximately 2oz dried weight give or take 1g but as the cure went on the quality progressed so it can only hopefully get better from here! Currently sitting at day 1 of transition(the first few hours of it) day 25 over of a generic hybrid auto recipe on another seed of skyrone haze from mainely autos. Other than having an issue with wifi in my area for a good week no other roadblocks and she seems to be sprouting well!


Should i top and remove the lower?


  • (Never Top In [Transition] This Is Where Your Flowers Would Be Comming From): (I Would Have Extended [VegitationStage] To Gain Height, -But- You Have Here An [AutoPlant] -So- Extending Wouldn’t Matter At This Point):


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I’m starting to see it was best i probably didn’t top or extend veg. my first grow shot up towards the end of transition and wound up inches from the light and had to move the tops around and pin them to the side walls so the buds were far enough to not cook for the rest of the grow. Figured id try different methods since i have a six pack of this specific strain. I will say after i posted on day one of transition i clipped the lower to try and avoid popcorn (what i didnt do first grow) so ill check her now that its been a couple days and see how shes hangin. Thanks for the insight!


Lookin’ nice and healthy @Joseph_Calafiore … boy it’s scary when they start shooting up to the top

I flipped my current plant around the first fan* and now her tallest cola is about 6 inches from the top! Thankfully she stopped…

Tripled in size!