AYAHUASCA Purple- First Grow in grobo vs Incredible Bulk in closet

Oh but the air stone in there as of now will not come out. I think it is either screwed on or more likely epoxied on


Aaahhh okay. Yeah that’s what I figured. It just sounded like the original one was swapped for a new one, I have a big fat cylindrical one as well lol

Nah that bad boy is stuck in there. Just added a second. The lower fan isn’t running anymore now though. I’m on day 8/14 of early grow. It would be easier if I had a checklist of what should be functional right now.

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Yeah that fan should always be on. It’s the second fan that kicks in later

Bottom fan kicked on during first day of “early veg” for me (day 11)

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Thanks guy, looks like that air stone made a huge difference. It’s only been 2 days and the change is crazy. The fan is working, and I realized that the grobo was so loud because of the cables sitting in top of the air pump. I moved them over, and now it sounds more like a small ice maker. I don’t mind that hum at all.

The incredible bulk is coming along well. I’m about to top it soon. Should have moved it out of that solo cup sooner. The stem isn’t crash strong, but I used a straw around it early on to help support.


When you transplant, bury most of that stem. It’s too thin to support the top growth in the future :+1::v:


Ooooo thanks. I’ll do that this weekend. I was going to transplant Into 5g bucket. Are the leaves at the bud sites typically darker, I have been trying to figure out how do I know which leaves I can trim away?

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You’ll start trimming after transplant. Right around 3-4weeks later. Topping sooner.

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Today the grobo emptied bottle #4 into the reservoir. Is that normal? I’ll at day 10 of early veg. I have another grow kit, but I didn’t think that I would need it.

Not normal submit a ticket asap!


What an awesome service. My replacement #4 bottle is on the way already. Thank you! I can’t make it bike for 2 more days to change the water. I’m hoping that she can hang in there until Friday when I get back.

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So I made it back home today and got the water changed. She was just starting to show some stress spots I think. But this growth is much closer together than the soil grow for certain. I think I’m going to get a better quality product this trial.

I’ve decide to work on bending the main stem of the soil grow, and lollipop . I’ll take pics after that attempt.

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So, things are moving along well. The nutrient overdosing issue was caught just in time. I’m still thinking of trimming of of the leaves at the bottom that seem to not be coming back so well.

After the late veg stage it’s in now, what will the grobo do next? I think it will need more veg days than what I I see left.

Incredible Bulk upload coming tonight, I haven’t seen the height increase yet since I’ve topped it the first time. Definitely growth outwards.


Decided to extend the Veg cycle and run through it again. My plant didn’t have the height compared to most of the plants I’ve seen on the blogs. I topped and I clearly cut too far down the node. Also I was out of town for a week and neither plant got the water they needed.

The incredible bulk suffered from lack of water, and is now recovering. I’m really hoping to see some vertical growth this week.



I have 4 days left in the extended vegetation cycle. Does anyone think I need to push out the late transition further? This baby definitely has a heavy aroma. I’m not sure how tall I need to let it get before switching over.

I decided to move the incredible bulk outside. I’m happy with the growth so far. It’s been outside for 4 days so far. Growth is pretty good, and the limbs are really thickening up. The next few days are going to be really pretty warm, I’m keeping an eye on it.



If this plant is not a tall breed: I would keep it in LateVeg Stage until it hits the 2nd fan, then let it go to Transition Stage: Just my opinion:

Ayahuasca Purple from Barney’s Farm features:

Indoor flowering: 50 days. Outdoor harvest: mid September. Height : 1-1.5 metres. THC: 21%




I’m just copying what I get from the internet: Maybe @Stephen can give us some enlightenment on the height we can get from the plant: Second grow from the same breed could help on if it’s going to be too tall for the Grobo: If there is no doubt it is too tall for the Grobo, then the recipe should come with a warning sign for the Grower: :warning:



Thanks! @SilverGrobo Would you consider this tall or short from that range? I was thinking I’d let it go to the second fan as well. I’m happy the growth just rapidly increased in the last week.


Your plant reaches 100 - 150 cm in flowering. Like @SilverGrobo, I recommend growing to the second fan in veg and letting flower do the rest, if it gets too big in flower then use supercropping.