Auto vs feminized

Which grows better in the grobo auto flower or feminized? I am currently growing for the first time ever in my grobo and I have an auto flower in it and I have some feminized maui waui I want to grow next but someone told me it would grow to big for the box…

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They may have said that just because Maui Wowie is a big sativa. You can control the height of your plant by flipping to Transition earlier in the grow.

Ive found autos are too big for rhe machine and not enough control. Im not a fan of auto

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How would I know when to do that I’m a newbie

When you say to big is that height or grows to wild for the box

It will potentially outgrow the box.

Too tall is what I was referring to.

It is a trial and error sort of measurement. You would almost definitely be safe if you just let the Grobo recipe run its course without extending Late Veg. In fact the plant may still end up short. From there you will be able to see how much your particular genetic stretches and then make a more informed decision on whether or not you extend Veg. the next time you grow it (should you choose to grow it again).


Thanks for the tips eager to learn more from you guys