App still acting up? [RESOLVED]

Anyone still having app troubles? For me, pics not coming through on app. That’s all I’ve noticed. I deleted a journal entry that was all pics that looked blank :crazy_face:


  • (Did You Ever Put A Support Ticket [:ticket:] In):? :question:


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No I haven’t, I thought about actually reinstalling the app if it keeps up. It’s irritating but it’s not affecting my plant and since I have a baby plant at the moment, priorities, etc. I haven’t been journaling the last couple of days simply because of it and I really still should- I can always add pics later. I appreciate you for remembering that I’m having that issue and checking on me! <3
I still haven’t tried unplugging the unit either, but I don’t have anything going on today other than I hate Wednesdays. Seriously, I do. Others love hump day, half way to the weekend, not me. Every Weds is early release day in our school district so less me time. I know it’s selfish, lol!! But it’s true! Freaking go to school all day and maybe they won’t make them start in the middle of August… okay that’s my side rant about Wednesdays, lol. Point is, nothing stopping me from reinstalling my app and/or unplugging Grobo today at some point and submitting a ticket if I need to. Phew, I’m feeling extra wordy today. :joy: :blush:

@SilverGrobo, all fixed! I can get back to journaling :wink:
First I unplugged grobo since I had to do a water change anyway, nope.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the app corrected everything. Have a feeling could have been something to do with all of apples recent updates, maybe not even grobo related. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Fixed now! I can see pictures!! :framed_picture:

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