Anyone use Flower Fuel?

Has anyone used Flower Fuel in this forum? I have 4 days until it flips to flower and was thinking about adding it to each water change. Everywhere I read says use half of the recommended does. Anybody have an idea as to the recommended amount to use and best way to mix it? If not Flower Fuel, what do you guys recommend to get larger denser buds? This guys gonna get a serious trim in a few days


I have not used that, but I have some Bud Candy to use during flowering. I do not know a lot, just seen Bud Candy mentioned more than just about anything even in other forums. So I bought that and Hydroguard and that is all I do extra.

1 teaspoon for 1/4 dose, about a tablespoon for full one with Bud Candy.

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I’ve used it before. The problem is that it does not completely dissolve in water so eventually you have granules in the bottom of the reservoir