Ambient house temps related to growing

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After doing some extended research, I have been doing some pre growing homework and learning about temp/rh. The inside of my home is usually between 68-75 no hotter no cooler climate controlled. I recently purchased a Thermo-Hygrometer to place in the house to check ahead of time what I will be working with. I mainly was curious to see what the rh reading is like in here, with that being said I’m getting readings around 53%- 65% high end usually after a shower or
possible rainfall. The ‘in’ sensor is in the house by the growing location, and the ‘out’ sensor is in the garage for possible garage placement of unit, still thinking about it. Any advice from the community would be greatly appreciated!

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Don’t get caught too hung up on the numbers man … they will grow in anything … humdity is important when rooting clones and seedlings … everything else man the plant can handle just don’t drop temps under 66 degrees and don’t get her over 84 degrees unless your running co2 … I broke my neck over keeping constant numbers in my environment and it became exhausting … if you were running a facility then that’s different but this is personal smoke … no need to treat it like dispensary growing especially when it doesn’t really make a difference … but this is just my experience … check my grows out the last few made it through flower and veg at like 30 percent from rooting clones to harvest


Awesome advice that is really valuable to me! I feel a lot more at ease, and I look forward to seeing all your grows!

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