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Looking a little sick, what am I doing wrong here

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She looks good to me do you have bubbles going in tank

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Yea but gonna buy another airstone and swap it out

Sometimes they droop. It may be the weight of the initial leaves. Just talk to her and leave her. No negative root signs or negative leaf signs…
Leave her alone. She will prop up and respond.

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Haven’t checked it in a few days and then I see this

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Check your water level and PPM. She should be drinking and the level should be lower than what is required. If that is the case, the solution is more concentrated and the PPM will be higher than the plant can take. Result…Nute burn :fire:.

Add water to fill up the bucket and this will dilute the solution and lower the PPM. It will take a few days, but she will recover. Cut the burnt leaves off gradually.

I was thinking the app told us when water levels were low. My box did the samething to my plant 🪴 :upside_down_face:. I guess we have to check the levels and the data everyday.

As the plant grows this issue will persist and increase. Keep and eye on the PPM.

Recovery time is lost growing time… which equals less yield and potency

Keeping her in optimal conditions is how we maximize the growth, harvest and quality.

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I am moving along great. Started trimming fan leaves and topping both plants. My 3rd box seed is up as well. I am ordering the Grobo water chiller for my boxes. I thing water temp is the most important factor in maximizing a grow.

Once she reaches transition, it should be smooth sailing. Just monitor, drain, and fill.

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Jus doing a little bit of cropping


Something is not right if you have that deep type of yellowing on your leaves. Was it just one leaf or do you have more spots on others :thinking:?

Its on a few of the leaves. Not all but a few

I did a ph check 3 times and it keeps telling me to recalibrate. Idk whats up with it at this point. Im on the verge of selling this box bcuz this si the second time I’ve tried to grow and this time I’ve gotten so far into the grow im starting to get pissed as every little thing goes wrong it seems.

Don’t get discouraged. A successful grow is relative. We all have some issues. Growing cannibus is like cultivating a relationship with a woman. It won’t be perfect. Dial in the things you can, deal with those you cannot control. Get to the end and enjoy what you have. Learn and do it again.

You can always roll up one better than before. If the paper breaks, we repair or get another. We don’t give up and throw it away. You will get better. It takes time.


It took me 3 times to get it right now they grow like nothing. Don’t get disappointed about the grobo you just have to figure out what’s going on