AK auto - flushing time

Hello Growers
this is an auto AK ,
i m a bit concerned regarding the flushing time …
i m already at the day 25 of 32 of flowering and we suppose to miss still a week before swicth …in Flushing ( 10 days ) .
But i guess my baby , is even early …so i was wondering if should i anticipate the Flushing of a week ( or 5/6 days may be ) …becasue its my second Grow ( and first one was ruined by a late harvest ) , so i m really worried .
in addditon i m not so familiar with microscope , a bought a new one 60x , but i guess is still too small …next time i will buy the bigger one that i could stick in the grobo

Thanks a lot for yr advise or suggestion !



Don’t worry, you’re doing fine right now.

My best guess is that you will need the full 32/32 of Flower mode, and on the final day, you should make a determination whether or not to EXTEND Flower for 1 more week, and play it by ear.

Judging from how your flowers are appearing at the moment, I am thinking you will need another to extend another 1-2 weeks for sure to let the buds ripen. Possibly Flower 39 days or maybe even little longer, like 46 days. The sugar leaves are looking frosty, but I think they haven’t hit their full potential yet. The flowers themselves look like mostly hairs (stigmas) and very little bract/caylx fattening yet, so that’s why I think you’ll need more time.

I think you are on good timing for the schedule, but probably will need more time. I don’t think you’re at any risk of harvesting too late yet.

Flush period of 10 days is pretty standard, I would worry less about making it 5-6 day flush rather than FLIPPING to flush at the right time to allow the full 10 days.

As far as the microscope or magnifier, well, you’ll have to find a way to get us pictures on the forum to help you make a decision, or just use your best judgement from recommendations when the time comes. What type of effect are you looking for with this plant, a “Sativa” or “Indica” based effect?


Looks like she needs some more time. Extend flower for at least 7 days and then re-evaluate. I see quite a bit of white hairs still.

For the loupe and taking pictures of trichomes… The loupe you have has two mag pieces. One for 30x and another for 60x. The smaller one is the 60x. You will probably need to use the 60x. Play around with it on objects you can easily handle and focus. Learn the focal lengths. Then once you are comfortable with the use of the loupe, just hold it right up against your phone’s camera lens. Good luck!

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If you cut off a little bud the loupe is easier to use

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  • (You Will Want To Do A Full 10 [:ten:] Day Fush To Really Clean Those Nutes Out For Better Taste [:yum:]):

  • ([Drain/Fill] “At Least Twice” [:two:] In Flush To Boost The Cleaning Process): {:white_check_mark:}:



Thanks Growers for your support ,
We are at the day 30 ( of 32 of flowering ) and it was my intention extend of 4/5 days ( Flowering ) …
and may keep 6/7 days of flushing !
thanks for yr feed back


Hello Growers

thanks again all …x yr suggestions :
i just received this microscope and it works really well !!
i guess i have to switch in a couple of days max the applications in Flushing …if i want to keep 6/7 days of flushing .
tricomes infact are all milky and some are brownshing …

thanks again


Finish out your flush but she is ready to bring down when flushed. Good job!


In the 2nd photo above around the top middle are some very eel like looking tricomes?
I looked at tricomes on store bought canabis and more of the tricomes looked like those eels or hooks. Skinnier without the mushroom top
Is that just genetics?

Sincerly i do not know Stephen , its just my second grow ever !
what im sure is really good genetic ( ak auto from royal queen )

may be you guess i have to wait a bit more before start flushing ? ( ir order to give time to tricomes ? )

thanks for yr reply

Hey @Todd.grobo,

Those are most likely stellate hairs instead of glandular hairs on the bud. The trichomes form on the glandular hairs. You can see some clearly in this video.



That’s them
I wasnt sure if deformed or normal as there are almost no tricomes and almost all the stellate hairs. Thanks for letting me know
It was a store bought comparison so curious why it didnt look the same but thats explained. I suspect both leaves in this bud then

Can you circle on the pic what you’re referring to?

There like clear nose hairs. Vs tall skinny looking mushrooms
Both are clear and or milky

Oh I see em now. Thanks! Good to know, thanks @Todd.grobo and @Stephen

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I see them now on my buds, but a lot less. I was checking new cannabis i purchased as i usually do to compare and thats almost all i saw, but it was a bud so i didnt realize two leaves were dried together, ill just dig through more of it to compare the tricomes. Clearly not as nicely uniformed in shape as hydroponically grown and cured. Or farm to table so to speak.

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Hello Growers !

here we are , from tomorow i will finish my additional-week flowering ( 38/39) and we entering the last 10 days Flushing !

what do you thing …i m on the right schedule ?

Thanks for yours feed back


Looking good. I would likely add a week and play with 3-4 days to start as there is minimal amber (10% ish) but thats it. I would personally want it to be a higher mix of Amber and milky tricomes. Almost there!

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