AK-47 (Hybrid/Feminized) Day 106 | First Grow

Definitely going to want a lot of amber trichomes then :wink:


Agreed… let it ride out for as long as you can… get a good mix of Amber trichomes.


Yes thats mold.


@Todd.grobo @pyromancy Fellas…you were right. Just did my water change and under white light one of the fat nugs did have slight mold on it. I took it off. The rest look good after about 10 minutes of examining them.

Tried looking at the mold under the scope but it’s so mild that it can’t really pick it up. Hard to tell on the phone pic too but it’s there when you look at it with your own eyes.

What do I do from here? Like I said the rest look good and I got 3-5 days to go. Also, what about the nug I took off? That thing is big. Do I toss it or hang it up?


Doesn’t mean your whole crop is infected, don’t worry. Keep a very vigilant eye out for any future mold that might occur, possibly add another fan in the Grobo if you can or have one for more airflow, and also try your best to keep your RH down at the 30-45 range. Lower the better.

Get rid of that nug…Most of the time the mold starts on the inside and works its way out, so the insides are probably infested too. Not good to ingest that and you’d be wasting time on drying it out which if done improperly is just going to spread the mold as far as i know.

Wash your hands too :smiley:

You may want to consider harvesting slightly earlier too if you think it’s going to become a further issue of keeping RH low for the remaining week or two. I know you want an Indica feel so you’ll be definitely looking for some amber but keep a good eye out.


@pyromancy crap…I might just harvest tomorrow. I think the humidity changed because it’s colder outside and ironically the room where my Grobo is gets more humid in early fall with the heat on. Got my raspberry pi temp/humidity sensor to confirm that. I keep it in the room and it records the sensor data every 30 seconds.

Just don’t want to lose the grow. The nug I took off was huge (I know not dried) but it wasn’t even in top 5 by size.


Toss the nug at minimum. Personally I wouldn’t use anything on the branch, but we can’t take chances.
Like i said. At min toss the nug and call yourself lucky. Add an additional fan for all future grows
Learn and grow


Yeah definitely think about some fans for similar situation so you can get some airflow going on those colas the best you can.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the entire branch if it looks good but if you see any signs that’s a no go of course.

If you’re harvesting now, I think your plant still has a good mix of cloudy to clear so it’s not like you’re too far off, sometimes takes awhile for the ladies to ripen up properly but she’s on her way in her current state for sure

Amber = CBN = sedative

Grab a CBN (legal) tincture to take alongside when you smoke this :slight_smile: Also, have you ever tried CBN products to relax at night? Just wondering.


Well here we go. First harvest. Day 1/5 of Dry mode. Thanks for all the help everyone. Learned a lot. Will have follow up questions about maintenance before starting my next grow and how to add fans to Grobo.


Nope. I will check it out. Thanks.

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Great eye Todd!


Dang that was quick! Nice stuff though… looks like a great harvest honestly. I hope the mold problems aren’t an issue… Keep an eye on the big colas… The irony behind the mold that I’ve found in this industry is those are the ones that can be the most vulnerable due to the size and lack of airflow between the bracts.


I’ll keep checking. I looked at every bud as I was trimming and so far so good. The bud I cut off barely had any mold on it but still. Had to go.

Regardless, I learned a lot for someone who never grew this stuff before. Deff will post some questions about fans and maintenance once the drying is done on this grow.



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Congrats on the harvest! I’m going to have watch out for mold growing also.


@Todd.grobo @pyromancy @Fluffhead @Bplatinum9 @pha720 @Angiebaby @El_Lobo @Aang

Wanted to get some thoughts on my drying progress. I am currently in day 4.5 out of 5. Everything looks good in terms of mold. The pics are Day 1 right after I put them in, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 pic I took just now. According to Grobo I am about 5 hours away from the end. I looked and touched a few small buds that fell of during trimming and they feel sticky, dry, much lighter with a lot more brown hairs that have shiny crystals on them.

Here is a closer shot of a few medium size buds from today as well.


Looking pretty good!

If you were to pinch or sharply bend a stem branch does it break? If you were to pull a small nugget off a branch does it snap off cleanly or does it leave stringy bits of stalk behind? If stems snap and nugs pull off cleanly you are finished drying.

What has been the RH% during this drying process? I would add another fan or 2 to help improve airflow.


Looking good!!! Do you have Boveda packs and mason jars? If so you should be fine to cure in a couple hours just being sure to open your jars for 20-30 mins twice a day for the first two weeks and once a day after for another two, then just occasionally.


Perhaps cut down some of the stem. Leave about two inches between the end of the stem and Bud. This may help. Do you have a dark cooler room? For maybe 2-3 days with some fans. :+1:t3::clap:t4::green_heart:


Looks good.
On my grows i cut off all leaves and just leave the bud as i find its a lot smoother smoke. You can still grind sweet leaves and such for the pax for maximum benefit and enjoyment.
Great first grow.
Personally i think the drying function is relative to where you live. Some users will need 7 or 8 days and others less.