4th grow - AK x Critical Mass (Auto) - HARVESTED

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DAY 106: Harvest! :man_farmer:

Here she is after 48 (+some) hours of darkness at the end of the flush stage:

There wasn’t an immediately noticeable increase in trichomes or frostiness from the dark period, but her scent had a very interesting change around the 48-hour mark. Originally, it was bitter and sharp. Afterward, it became sweeter and less offensive. The smell is just as strong if not stronger, especially while trimming. :scissors:

Drying in the Grobo this time. It was tricky to find a placement that didn’t allow any buds to touch other stems or buds:

Evidence of how many attempts it took to bend her into a better place: :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

Will post final weights and pics once it all dries. :partying_face: :four_leaf_clover:


Looks amazing great grow


Excellent harvest! Please give a smoke report in the near future


Forgot to update this thread with final weight; it came in at 42g in bud and 21g of shake (extra-dry weight).

It dried a bit too quickly (3 days instead of 5) due to low humidity in the room in general but that didn’t seem to affect it much; cured just fine afterward and turned out amazing. Whether or not that was helped in part by the period of darkness before harvest is still up for debate, but another related observation was that even sampler buds immediately dried and consumed (before curing) were pleasant and not harsh. I’ll be continuing that after seeing the results, have cured quite a bit of bud and it’s never been that easy.

Here’s where the shake went:

This turned out to be perfect, better than expected. It’s really hard to find a strain that I don’t get complaints about (too strong, put to sleep/bed/couch lock/etc) but this one checked that box well - everyone was just happy. I might be a bit biased on taste/terps but enjoyed this one a lot. I do think the ruderalis is contributing to the profile but am unsure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Will be picking up more AKxCM seeds while tnsb has a 50%-off 4/20 sale going :wink:


Very awesome, man!





Good job! Great numbers from the Grobo congrats! :+1::eyes::seedling:


What did you use to 'strain" the plant? Netting??? Any DIY type stuff you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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@Barby75 for this grow I actually didn’t do much except let her grow. I did top it (cut the whole top off!) earlier on and that caused the other branches to grow somewhat evenly on their own.

When she reached the top I started pulling some of the branches to the side to leave more space through the center, that helped quite a bit to help get some light to the lower buds:


For the 48 hrs of darkness did you just put it into harvest mode 2 days early? Unplug it? How did you go about that in the grobo. Want to do the same with mine the last 48

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I unplugged it for the last 2 days of flush.

I have a backup air stone in the reservoir (2 actually), so there are still bubbles when I do that. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do it without a backup air stone running.

Also, if you do, top-up the reservoir before unplugging to be sure it won’t run out of water!


awesome that’s what I was thinking of doing. I do have 1 extra air pump/stone going as well as the 2 extra fans inside the grobo.

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Almost forgot - I figured out a way to do it without unplugging. For my last grow (the 2nd of the 2x Error 404s) I just kept moving the light settings to the beginning of the dark period and only unplugged while I was sleeping.

Your comment about the fans reminded me to mention that. :slight_smile: