2 Grobos - Same Room

So for all of those who have 2 or more Grobos, that share the same space, how do you handle the humidity if they are at different stages of development?

We got the second box in order to always have something heading into flower but it struck us that the humidity needs will be different.

Just wondering if maybe there is say a universal optimal range that folks wit two boxes I. The same space shoot for?



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  • (We Just Let Nature Take Its Course): (They Are In The Hall [DownStairs] We Have Humidifier Running -Not- So Close To The Two Units): (-No- [AC/Dehumidifier] Used For Them In Summer): (-So- If We Are Warm, They Are Too): (We Do Have [HydroGuard], The [Fans/ExtraBubblers] Are The Extras Helpers):

  • (I Have [AC/Dehumidifier] For The [BedRoom], -But- I’m Not Dragging The Grobos Up The Stairs): (Not Dragging Water Up Those Stairs Either):

  • (Noticed, -We- Have Loss_ :coffin: Quite A Bit Of Plants Over The Course Of Being Here): (Some Were Clones/Seeds/Sprouts):

  • [(#SideByEach): {2️⃣ :groboone: s}: - #7 by SilverGrobo]: {:mag:}:



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Hi @SilverGrobo

Thanks for all of this but I’m not sure you understand my question.

We are wondering what people do when you have 2 side by side but different humidity requirements.

Like say one box is a seedling and needs higher humidity and one is in flower and needs less.

Trying not to have to have them in separate rooms and was wondering if there is a good universal range?



Your can’t control both boxes humidity with them side by side. just grow both plants at the same stage or in different rooms .55 to 60 for seeds and 45 to 50 for flower .:v: @C453Y


I will have 3 Grobos in the same room as of today and don’t even check mine. Not sure what the air temp is, no idea the water temp as I dont check that either and just use Hydroguard. They will be fine. As long as your house is “mostly” close or in the range, I think you dont have to fuss so I don’t.


Probably the way I am going to try it. Pantry is only 5x8 but has ac/heat and a little window I might vent from “if” the heat or smell gets to strong.

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I think @Christifer is right though. There is no way to have say, one as a developing seedling with high humidity needs and one in flower when you need low humidity needs in the same space.

Best to have them all at the same growth stages or have them in separate spaces.

You can do that if you want and think best. I dont check air, water or humidity, at all and use filtered tap water and been fine. :grinning: If you really feel that 5 or so difference matters, do it, just the courses I watched show humidity can vary a lot more than others might say here.

I forgot to add, do not do what I do. I even say that in my profile here.