1st Grow -- Grobo Start to Grobo

Welcome @daddylonglegs. I’m glad you asked about how long a new seed can stay in a Grobo Start. I’m curious as well. I have a photoperiod grow in transition and am itching to start a new grow in my start. I don’t remember what the recommendation is for when to plant so that the new :seedling: can go into the Grobo at the optimum time and still have time to finish the current grow. I’m looking for maximum efficiency. :paw_prints:

So my first seed never sprouted. This is attempt #2 and I’ve started two seeds that both seem to be at least starting. I’m a tad worried about this 1st girl who is trying to grow directly sideways.

We shall see how she adjusts. Any wisdom from the board?


@daddylonglegs It looks like the seeds may not have been deep enough into the pods. Before placing the seeds in the hole did you poke it with a q-tip, swab, or toothpick? This helps set the seed deeper into the hole.

What we are seeing there are root hairs and I think action should be taken to help the seedling. The seedling may need to be pulled out and planted deeper. @Bplatinum9 performed a surgery transplant that saved the seedling and earned her the title Dr. Greenthumb. Check it out!


Thank you for the help! I’ve done a little surgery myself this morning. I didn’t poke the extra holes into the pod because last time my seed didn’t sprout and I thought that might be the reason why. Turns out the first seed was probably just a dud.

Hopefully this works — do you think I should also try to perform a little surgery on the 2nd one? I suppose time will tell.


@daddylonglegs Great work on the transplant! I think you may have saved her! The second one might be ok too.

One of my seedlings was showing signs of root hairs above ground too. I removed the wicks because the seedling’s roots were hitting the water line. This helps the peat pod dry out which helps prevent damping off.


Unfortunately I killed one of my plants when trying to get it deeper into the peat pod, but this one still remains. This is sour crack – a 65 day autoflower from Mephisto. Hoping to finally get my large Grobo up and running this weekend so that I can have my PH probe calibrated in time to make the transition in the coming weeks.

This plant is now 10 days old! It’s so cool to see the transformations that it’s making. New leaves are appearing every time I enter the room it seems. Any words of wisdom from the community?

Thanks everyone!


Any thoughts on this damage to my lower root area? Hoping to make the transition to the Grobo later this week. Soon it will be too big for the Grobo Start.


Just keep it dry! It will have to do most of the hard work of pushing through the dampening off itself!
When transferring remember to take out the wick at the bottom of your peat pod. :eyes::seedling:


Should I remove the wick now if dampening off is already becoming an issue? Any other tips for keeping it dry?

Thank you a ton!


Yes definitely remove the wick! By now your plant has roots hitting the water so you are good to remove the wick. This will help dry out the peat pod and fight damping off.


I open my grobo at least once a day and use mini fans to keep dry! Removing the wick now could help with the moisture! If you see any issues pop uo let us know! :eyes::seedling:


As @Bplatinum9 @miami5th mentioned, remove the wick now. I might even suggest gently squeezing the peat pod to remove the excess water. Give her at least a week to recover


Thank you everyone for the knowledge. I’ll be taking measures to keep it dry immediately…


Hey everyone — just a few basic questions as I head into making the transition to the Grobo Solid this afternoon.

  1. how much longer could I conceivably leave it in the Grobo Start before it becomes too tall and the light begins to burn the leaves? A few days? I’m trying to make sure I time it right for when I start my next plant in the Start.

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  1. does anyone ever have issues with draining and refilling? When cleaning my Grobo Solid yesterday, I noticed there was at least a 30 minute period where I couldn’t get water in my reservoir. The app would tell me that I couldn’t fill because I was still draining, and then when I would go to drain it — it would tell draining has been completed. I have a call with Grobo support today to hopefully remedy this but didn’t know if anyone else encountered it.

On Grobo’s website it says you can save up to 5 weeks per grow. So you should be able to keep the plant in the Start for 5 weeks (give or take).

Maybe a power cycle will help with the drain/fill issue but I would advise chatting with Support first. Just note that if the machine does not complete a full drain/fill then the nutes will not dispense.


The transplant has been made! For a 65 day autoflower (Sour Crack) from Mephisto Genetics, I was a little worried that I waited too long. Today is Day 25 (day 1 of Transition) although technically the plant didn’t sprout until day 4. Still – that’s around 35% of the entire grow done in the Grobo Start. She appears to be doing well and I was amazed at how relatively easy the process was!

Now I need to read more about “leaf tucking” which is what Mephisto recommends instead of trimming. So far nothing has been trimmed. What do y’all think about leaf tucking instead of trimming?


I would adjust your schedule back to late veg, too small for transition.

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Does it matter that it’s an autoflower?

The recipe currently calls for

10 Days Germination
22 Days Vegetation
14 Days Transition
23 Days Flower
10 Days Flush

How long do you think I should return it to vegetation/what am I looking for when to make the switch to Transition?

Thank – I really appreciate the insight.

Yes, it matters if it’s an auto. If that’s an auto, you may have issues. You can’t really slow down an auto.

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I will let more experienced growers comment as I have only read about autos, I don’t mess with them. I like having control over my grow and with autos you give that control up.

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