1st Grobo Gro

Hi Grobo Fam, started my 1st Grobo Gro 6 days ago. I’m trying a Double Bubba Kush. Unfortunately specific grow recipe wasn’t available so I used Bubba Kush recipe, close enough. Received my Grobo on the 18th, set it up and went to Denver. When I returned on the 22nd Lil baby Bubba had already split its wig. Must say I was amazed. I’ll keep y’all posted…


Happy growing :herb::+1: can’t wait to hear how it ends up :seedling: :herb: :deciduous_tree: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Excited for ya! Good luck…






((#RecipeRequest)): :chart:

Make sure you choose the right recipe for your seed:

((#Auto)): ((#NotAnAutoGrow)): :video_camera:

:warning: If your seed is “not an auto seed” and you choose ‘an auto recipe’ it will stay in veg. stage forever and ever:






It’s day 9. Recently performed 1st Water change. After refilling I believe I heard the nutrients dispense. Today I took a sample of the water to check ph and it reads below 6.8. Could be because I’m using a basic pool test kit. Order a digital ph.meter that should arrive today so I can recheck.

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