12/12 cycle

I got up this morning to check on my plant and found the light was off and I was in flowering mode on day 38.

I know the reciepes are different but can anyone come back and tell me when their plants switched to flower. I thought it odd that I got some flowering notifications.

@stephen correct me if I’m wrong but it seems a bit soon. 10 days geremination and 40 or so days of veg does not equal 38 days.

My current plant size just hit the first fan, I know it’s a Indica which results in bushy plants. Should I expecting some super stretch or something?


Day 55 @Azuri and still 18 hrs a day light for me

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You could imagine my horror, lol. Drives me nuts we can’t see ANYTHING. /venting


Hehe perhaps my advantage over all you. Lol I have much patience :rofl:

With all due respect patience has nothing to do with a plant going into flower early. If anything I wanted to drag the grow out because it’s not ready. 28 days of veg plus 10 days of germination isn’t enough. Plant shouldn’t be in flower yet.

Edit: Cleared up grow days above.

Hey Azuri,

Thanks for the feedback! I do have your recipe set to begin flowering on day 38, so the system is working as designed. That being said, if you want to add some time to your veg state, I can certainly do that. The base recipe is set for a straight grow, (no topping, fimming, etc.) so the early topping may have slowed her down a week or so. I have been seeing 100 - 150% stretch on several strains, so do be careful of how much you add, as height will be a concern.

I’m as eager as you are to give the grower more control and more data, we are in the same canoe, paddling together. :wink:



Yes, please let’s add a week as long as this doesn’t harm the plant. Can you tell me exactly what day it will go 12/12?

I can’t see the plant even after a week breaching the Grobo’s height at the plants current height? Is a week enough? That’s where I’m relying on your judgement. Topping for sure stunted a weeks growth.

Edit: I should add I did send in a ticket for this so you can locate my unit.

Thanks Azuri,

I see your ticket, let’s push you out 11 days and see where that gets you. Expect to enter flower September 1st. You may see your system flash as I update your schedule.


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That’s should be perfect. I know I topped early and I also did some various light stress training. I was surprised at how soon my girl hit flowering stage. I didn’t even think she was ready for the prom!


Ok, I’ve adjusted your schedule. I’ve put you back to day 37, before we switch over to 12/12 and I’ve extended your stage 3 from 14 days to 25 days. You are currently day 13/25, you flip in stage 4.

Let’s see how she fills out by then…


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Hey @Stephen

One last question I always lean on the side of caution. There has been several instances of lights flipping on and off today due to the forced hour changes and switch backs from 20/4 to 12/12 then back to 20/4 and lastly me turning the light off again to match my old schedule…:slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t want to stress or herm my plant. Will all these crazy light changes happening today impact my plants health?

You should be just fine. It’s really the darkness being interrupted that they don’t like, but you have just started. When we trigger flower, we go into a two week stage called ‘transition’ during which time the plant enters the stretch and then slows down to produce flowers. Your plant will think it was just a very cloudy day today, with less light than usual. If you were a couple weeks in, the risk would be higher, but negligible now with your healthy looking girl.